Adelaide Rocks

ADELAIDE ROCKS! is a new cultural and civic quarter in the city of Adelaide designed around strong ecological principles and economic sustainability. The key element of the project is the artificial hill formed from the debris of demolished buildings. Not only does the hill provide a strong identity for the place, but it is also an important climate control feature and unique urban space.

The project includes a unique integration of ecological concepts and economic opportunities to provide all-day activation to the site. The green and vertical landscape connects the city to the parklands, so the hill offers active and passive recreational areas and facilities. At the same time, the mass and height of the hill supports the climate control of interior and exterior spaces throughout the site through subsidence cooling, geothermal exchange, heat extraction via a thermal chimney and the storage of cooling energy in a mass cool chamber.

Acknowledging its historical identity, the proposal retains many of the existing buildings. Simultaneously, a landmark mixed-use tower anchors the corner of the site, providing residential accommodation and associated functions as well as ongoing economic impetus and activity. The vibrancy of the proposed public spaces is underpinned by a unique, unexpected and apparently whimsical hill-scape. It signifies the site and becomes a strong reflection of how creative thinking can turn a mundane demolition problem into a positive and unique outcome.


ARCHITECTURE: Igor Zacek, Tomas Zacek, Sona Pohlova, Roman Janata, Katarina Valickova, Roman Hajtmanek, Jakub Spaniel, Matej Hoppan, David Sandrik, Anthony Coupe, Esther Chew, James Baker, Felicity Sando, Emily Paech. LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE: Peter Pasecny, Ivana Pasecna, Lenka Korbelova, Linda Siranova. CONSULTANTS: Peter Bestro, Tim Conybeare, Jasmine Palmer COST: Alex Hrelja, Fergus Stewart VIDEO: Martin Halama