North Star

North star is not only the brightest star on the northern hemisphere traditionally used for high seas navigation. The idea was to bring light into surrounding locality and create an iconic, easy to remember and original building, pure with the volume as an opposite to the patchy and chaotic surrounding development.

It is located in the centre of Senec, well known Slovak summer hub. Building is positioned on the triangular site within the mixed block of the residential houses and public functions. with its 4 storey height and 250 sqm footprint, it is naturally blending to the local environment. Public functions like a small shops and café on the street level are strengthening connection to the main square.

Residential part of the house is designed with access stairs and lift in the east corner of the building with corridor leading to three housing units on the each floor, counting nine apartments in total. Size of each apartments is slightly more than 50 sqm which is suitable for starting families, couples or single professionals. Apartments windows and balconies are facing directly to the west and are giving opportunity to enjoy beautiful sunsets over the school garden.

Zigzag placement of the balconies on the west facade is creating additional flexibility to the building layout and adding. Top corner of every balcony is exposed to the south and allowing sun to penetrate deeply to the interior of the flats. Extruded shape is also isolating the flats from the noise of the street down bellow and framing view on the school garden. Overall appearance of the building is rapidly changing during the day when sun is creating iconic play of the shadow and sunlight.

Simplicity of the design is also reflected in the used materials and construction techniques. North Star offers standard of living better than a typical apartment house. Housing was successful also from the commercial point of view, while all apartments were immediately sold out.


ARCHITECTURE: Igor Zacek, Tomas Zacek, Sona Pohlova. PHOTOGRAPHY: Tomas Manina.