Solar Tiles

Solar Tiles is a BIPV envelope system that is delivering renewable energy production without compromising on high visual quality, and seamless integration into the urban environment.

The main competitive advantage of Solar Tiles is the ability to cover the whole building. This is achieved by the compatibility with the most commonly used facade and roof construction systems with the emphasis on the integration ability to the historical ceramic tiles facades.

Solar Tiles is a building envelope system utilizing PV-tiles and non-PV tiles of different sizes as a facade and roof elements. The system allows both complete coverages of the target building or covering just the specific areas. Therefore there is no need for additional suppliers complementing Solar Tiles leading to simplification of the planning and construction process.

As the system is utilizing both modular PV and Graphic tiles, Solar Tiles can be utilized in the areas not suitable for photovoltaic energy production (e.g. north side of the building or shaded areas). Areas with a high incidence of solar irradiation may utilize the majority of PV tiles (e.g. roof and south facade) and areas with lower production potential may be covered mostly by Graphic tiles, allowing building optimization for performance and aesthetics.


Alexandra Bundalová
Matej Michlík
Igor Žáček
Peter Krochmal

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