Solar Tiles

Thoughtfully designed, customizable facade tiles with integrated solar cells. Focused on solar facades in urban areas, where visual appearance is equally important as energy production. Solar Tiles can pay for themselves multiple times over their lifecycle.

The current generation of the building integrated photovoltaics – especially facades, require extensive mounting construction and significant air gap behind the solar panels to ensure proper ventilation and heat reduction.

Thanks to a unique construction, Solar Tiles can be placed directly on the walls of the building, rendering expensive mounting system redundant. They are preserving a slim profile of the wall and simplifying the construction.

The system consists of two principal parts: Solar tile which contains solar cell and graphic tile which serves as a heat sink for the solar tile and can bear custom design as well. A significant variety of designs and patterns can be achieved.

Solar Tiles are the evolution of the traditional Portuguese facade tiles – Azulejos. They can be used in the exact same manner: placed directly on the wall. With are significantly simplifying the installation process.

Our team is currently focusing on this project only.


Alexandra Bundalová
Matej Michlík
Igor Žáček

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