Urban Windfarm

Cities are significant contributors to carbon emissions and climate change, since most human economic activities are concentrated in cities and their surrounding areas. At the same time, cities themselves provide a lot of untapped local energy resources and one of them is wind. To harness this neglected urban resource, Nice Visions is introducing the Urban Windfarm: a series of wind turbines designed for use in residential areas.

The concept of the Urban Windfarm makes use of the differences in air pressure between two sides of a building or any other construction. During daylight hours, when sun generates wind, the wind turbines can produce electricity for the whole neighborhood. The same principle can be used in wind tunnels created by air that is forced between two buildings.

The new generation of silent and low-vibration wind turbines allows for Urban Windfarm’s activity compatible with the life of any city. This innovative way of harnessing urban wind brings local energy production to the city and therefore lowers the city’s carbon footprint.

For more information, download the Urban Windfarm white paper in PDF.


Igor Zacek, Alexandra Sasha Bundalova, Matej Michlik

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