Creating a better world


Through the employment of new technologies and quantitative knowledge we push the boundaries of what is possible in architecture. We inspire others to employ sustainable technologies in their lives, businesses and homes. Our ideas and solutions encourage masses to utilize all the environment's potential in ways undreamt of before. We bring unexpected solutions to challenging problems. More innovative ideas are always brewing on our desks and in our creative minds.

Nice Visions is an innovative and creative think tank. Our solutions are focusing on areas ignored by most and create innovative and relevant solutions. We build on deep understanding of functional processes in human and nature habitats. Combining design, quantitative knowledge and user experience, meaningful concepts are being designed and introduced to the world. We build a better future - now.

Smart Urban Solutions
Reinventing the way how city is used, Nice Visions brings forward creative concepts that improve everyday lives within an urban environment. We combine cutting-edge technology and fresh ideas to make a positive impact on our surroundings.
Renewables Consulting
Energy stands at the core of the society and the way it is generated influences all aspects of our lives and our environment. Offering clean energy solutions is central to our work. We use ingenious energy concepts in our own projects and provide specialized consulting services.
Delivering satisfaction through innovation, we have realized and contributed to many housing projects, for example the Ecocapsule. Smart, efficient and affordable living is our priority when designing our projects as well as the accessibility to basic human needs.

The Team

Strong in developing imaginative and clever solutions. Dedicated to innovation. In love with new ideas pushing the world towards the sustainable future. Meet Nice Visions founding members:

Igor Žáček

Igor Žáček


Architect by training, maker by heart. With his former colleagues, Igor has developed the Ecocapsule and many other breakthrough and award-winning projects. Always looking to the edge of possibilities, Igor is leading the development of unique solutions.

Alexandra Bundalová

Alexandra Bundalová


With a true passion for renewables, and a professional background in the energy sector, Alexandra is working on the quantitative side of our projects. Her skills are essential to any project that requires hard data, analysis and a well-founded opinion leading to a great outcome.

Matej Michlík

Matej Michlík


Matej is utilizing his mastery of inbound marketing and technological background as well as navigating company to its targets. He is dedicated to meaningful and sustainable innovative projects, actionable and a "doer".

The Hague, Netherlands & Bratislava, Slovakia